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Volcanism Across the Inner Solar System

Volcanism Across the Inner Solar System

Excursion troughout volcanic landforms on terrestrial planets in the Solar System



Thomas Platz



Planetary Science Institute


19.3.2015 16:00

Volcanism is one of the dominating geodynamic processes shaping the surface of terrestrial bodies across the inner solar system. Our understanding of the diversity of volcanic landforms and their formational processes dramatically expanded over the past three decades. With increasingly higher resolution orbital datasets, e.g., visible, spectral, topographic, and gravity data, more evolved volcanic products are detected demonstrating more complex magmatic settings and differentiation processes including diverse eruptive styles. In this presentation an overview is provided about volcanism on Mercury, Venus, and the Moon. Mars is in many respects unique, and therefore, deserves special attention. It not only accommodates the largest volcanic edifices in the solar system but also records volcanic activity for more than four billion years..


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