Institute of Geophysics of the CAS, v. v. i.


Accommodation in IG

A new multifunctional building was opened in January 2011 in the campus of the Institute of Geophysics. According the following rules a room can be rent:

Hotel rooms - the price is per night and person:

   Base  VAT  Total
 Single room
 565 Kč 85 Kč  650 Kč
 Double room
 422 Kč 63 Kč  485 Kč
 Extra bed
 278 Kč 42 Kč  320 Kč

A discount can be applied in case of long-term stay. The prices for renting a room (not including services) for a stay longer than 1 month are:

  Base VAT Total
 Single room
5 461 Kč 819 Kč 6 280 Kč
 Double room
8 191 Kč 1229 Kč 9 420 Kč
 Extra bed
2696 Kč 404 Kč 3 100 Kč

for each commenced month. 6 crowns fee is levied for each night as tourists tax.

For more information please contact Mrs.Blanka Samcová (phone 267 193 327, email